Shingo Discover Excellence Workshop

Hosted at

News Ltd at their Chullora Print Centre, Sydney
Brisbane Host TBC

2 Day Event

Download the event flyer Who should attend? Representatives from enterprises, big or small, from any sector, wanting to understand the essential ingredients needed to create a sustainable business Improvement culture. Leaders around the world have invested a substantial amount of time and money in initiatives that often result in what we call the “sugar high” – a temporary boost in results. They begin to believe that sustainable solutions are not only elusive, but that each new initiative eventually becomes a “flavour of the month.” The Shingo Model is not an additional program or another initiative to implement; rather, it informs a new way of thinking that drives lasting results. DISCOVER is a foundational two-day workshop that introduces the Shingo Model. With real-time discussions and on-site learning from a host organization, this program is a highly interactive experience designed to make your learning meaningful and immediately applicable. As a DISCOVER participant, you will achieve the following objectives:

  • Learn what the Shingo Model is and how it aligns people and processes to transform organizational culture.
  • Explore why correct principles enable predictability and sustainability of that culture.
  • AND discover how the relationship between principles, systems, and tools impacts results.

The Shingo Prize :

The Global Standard of Sustainable Enterprise Excellence

Twenty-five years ago, The Shingo Prize was created at the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University as a way to recognise great organisations and to set a standard toward which the world may aspire. It is now globally recognised as the benchmark for Enterprise Excellence. The award was created in honour of the late Dr. Shigeo Shingo. Dr. Shingo has been described as an ‘engineering genius’ who helped us to understand the concepts, sys-tems, and techniques that, under his tutelage, became fundamental to the renowned Toyota Production System, often referred to now as the Toyota Business System. During this journey, the Shingo Institute has experienced and learned many valuable and powerful things. This has given them a greater understanding of what is required for organisations to achieve lasting, sustainable results. This knowledge has been captured in the Shingo Model.

SA Partners and the Shingo Prize

In 2013 the Shingo Institute formed a collaboration partnership with S A Partners to bring this knowledge to a wider global audience. Our team in Australia is the only Australian based organisation approved by the Shingo Institute to offer support to businesses in Australia. We have worked with many organisations who have gone on to achieve Shingo Awards and our Chairman Professor Peter Hines and Gary Griffiths, Partner in S A Partners, are authors of a Shingo-award winning book and part of a very small global community comprising the Senior Faculty of the Shingo Institute .

Discover Programme : Content

  • This workshop begins with a comprehensive overview of the Shingo Model and its key elements.
  • This is followed by a comprehensive guide to the Shingo Prize application guidelines, which include the criteria and methods for assessment of the progress an organisation has made in its lean transformation.
  • By completing this training you will learn how to use the Shingo Model (which is explained in detail later in this brochure) and be able to complete your own internal assessment which will identify areas for focus and improvement.
  • Participants will visit the host facility as part of an assessment team. You will work through every step of the assessment process including interviews and observation, team discussion, assessment and finally creating a feedback report.

Shingo Prize The Shingo Prize is awarded to organizations that demonstrate a culture where the principles of Enterprise Excellence are deeply embedded into the thinking and behaviour of all leaders, managers, and associates. Performance is measured both in terms of business results and the degree to which business, management, and work systems are driving appropriate and ideal behaviour at all levels. Leadership is beginning to focus on ensuring that principles of Enterprise Excellence are deeply imbedded into the culture and regularly assessed for improvement.

The Shingo Model

The Shingo Model is based around 10 Guiding Principles which align the systems within an organisation and the specific tools required to produce results. imageof the shingo model Guiding Principles

  1. Respect every individual
  2. Lead with humility
  3. Seek perfection
  4. Assure quality at source
  5. Flow and pull value
  6. Embrace Scientific Thinking
  7. Focus on process
  8. Think systematically
  9. Create constancy of purpose
  10. Create value for the customers

For further information contact Chris Butterworth, call 044 7783 877 or  Download the booking form and flyer. You can also view our European Shingo Discover Excellence workshop page.