Lean and Sustainable Consortium

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Why should you get involved?
The lean and sustainable consortium is different from any lean network you have come across before and the reason is simple. We discuss and share those difficult aspects of change journey that you neither read about in books nor hear about at conferences. It is easy to read glorious case studies or sit through talks that tell the tale of slickly successful transformations. But the reality is that success is not built on success! It’s built on struggles, frustrations and even failures. In fact, the frustrations of today are probably the juiciest part of your future success story and these are precisely what we discuss in the Lean and Sustainable Consortium. The consortium operates a Chatham House rule and only invites selected change leaders who share a passion for sustainable lean. It is a safe environment for likeminded lean leaders to discuss and share the truth behind lean transformation.

Who should get involved?
The L&S Consortium is suitable for senior leadership in various sectors and industries who are willing to openly share and discuss. We have members from across all over the world. They all share a great passion for lean and sustainability. Our members are senior in their respective organisations and are similar in their enthusiasm despite coming from different backgrounds.

Dr Chris Thomson, Refinery Manager at Vale, Swansea writes:

“Being members of the Lean and Green Consortium has enabled us to share some of the best practices we have developed in our CI journey to-date, and has allowed us to visit various member-sites and learn how others have developed and implemented their CI road-maps.”

“Whilst understanding that one-size doesn’t fit all, building relationships with the members enables open discussions to take place that add value in terms of finding suitable approaches to your local issues. It is fairly typical to visit sites and hear about the positives, but much of the real learning is in digging deep into how people have dealt with issues that did not go smoothly; developing relationships is key to this, and the Consortium facilitates strong relationship building, and in our view this is where the true value lies.”

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