The 5th Founding Principle of TPM –Early Equipment Management (EEM)

TPM graphic

In this penultimate article in the series, we will review the Fifth Founding Principle of TPM called Early Equipment Management-abbreviated to EEM and occasionally referred to as TPM for Design.

This paper will cover the following:

  • Recap & focus
  • Early Equipment Management Principles
    • Increase OEE
    • Improving our Planned Maintenance Systems
    • Routine Front Line Operator Asset Care
    • Increase Skill Levels
  • Five Major Considerations Embedded in the EEM Philosophy
    • The Essential Partners in EEM
    • The Hidden Costs of Investment Decisions
    • Tackling the ‘Urgency Addiction’ Dilemma
    • What Enhancements Can EEM bring to the Business?
    • Potential Benefits
  • Getting Started
    • Planning
    • EEM Practitioners Workshop-Context
  • Summary

Visit our TPM section for more information on what TPM is, and how we implement it, along with our Total Productive Maintenance workshop page.