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6 Nations – the Williams-Moriarty ‘Changeover’ Model?

It’s that time of year again and I really love the 6 Nations competition.

However, my other passion is Lean Thinking and I often blend the 2 subjects – albeit involuntarily!

Whilst watching the epic battle – Wales V England – my thoughts were invaded by the ‘Total Productive Maintenance’ of the players – all that is required to get them to perform at such a high level ….

During the second half, Coaches always deploy their strategy of ‘changeovers’ or ‘replacements’ – sometimes forced through injury, a bench strategy, etc

However, whilst there may be an ‘ideal plan’ in place for second half replacements – it is also worth looking at how the game is being played – the flow and level of performance being achieved by those already on the pitch.  Play what is in front of you …….

Scott Williams and Ross Moriarty were playing ‘out of their skins’ and ‘firing on all cylinders’.  An amazing performance.  Wales were playing well and the game was flowing.

Then came the ’changeovers’ and whilst the replacement players are top class – there seemed to be an immediate impact to the pace and flow of the game.  These were not slick changeovers.

Watching this play out I was reminded of the maintenance strategy approach of ‘Mean Time Between Replacement/repair (MTBR)’ and ‘Inspect and Replace/repair As Necessary (IRAN)’ …..

Whilst my knowledge of rugby is basic – I am an enthusiastic Welsh fan and no expert – I would accept that if a player is injured or at risk – he or she should be replaced.

However, watching this amazing performance by players on top form at that time, only confirmed that an IRAN approach would work well – to optimise and sustain that level of performance – and minimise ‘changeovers’ and impacts to the flow of a game – where Wales had every chance of winning.

But well done England – changeover strategy worked well for you & Eddie.

So – I would urge sports team Coaches to learn from Engineers – consider an ‘IRAN’ approach to ‘changeovers’ and player replacements – to maintain optimum flow and performance.


Dr Toni Whitehead

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