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Lean Training Services

The S A Partners Lean Academy & Lean Training Services

Academy is the overarching term we use for all of our various lean training, learning and personal development programmes. We deliver a range of open and in-house lean training. Our programmes are enriched by more than two decades of experience ‘in the field’, delivering benefits and shaping behavioural change for sustained organisational improvement.

At S A Partners we have worked with a broad and diverse range of organisations. We have captured learning from our many interventions and we have fed that learning back into our training. Our programmes are significantly different to those offered by our competitors because they deliver real improvements, tangible organisational benefits and sustained change.

All our Lean training programmes are aligned and accredited to a world-class University, Cardiff  University’s Lean Competency System (LCS).

Benefits of our Lean Training Services

  • It will equip your employees with vital change management and systematic problem solving skills
  • It will empower your employees to deliver real, substantive and sustained benefits to your organisation.
  • It will allow your organisation to develop an internal capability to enhance customer value.

We typically expect our lean coach and black belt level programmes to target improvement projects with the potential to deliver benefits in the order of £100K per candidate.

Our Unique Selling Propositions (USPs)

Our Lean training programmes boast five USPs that clearly differentiate us from other training providers:

  1. They are accredited by a world-class university.
  2. They are designed around our unique lean business model and our three systems thinking – these are effective frameworks we have tried and tested in a variety of contexts – we know they work.
  3. They are delivered by individuals who are experienced in delivering training but, more importantly, in delivering benefits.
  4. They are highly results-focused –  your organisation can enjoys benefits while you develop your internal capability.
  5. They offer participants ongoing resources. We connect our training delegates to a wider learning community so that they can continue to develop long after the training come to an end.

Our Delivery Methods

We use a blend of three delivery methods:

  1. Conventional classroom – but highly interactive, participatory and fun.
  2. Learning by doing – results-focused so that the organisation benefits while training is ongoing
  3. Coaching – locking in learning and enabling sustained behavioural change to maximise the training investment’s return. Recent research findings state that:

‘To fully benefit from leadership and management development programmes, business organisations should follow up with professional coaching to ensure that knowledge is translated into leadership behaviour’

Source: Leadership and Management Wales report, Coaching for Impact: Making Leadership and Management Development More Effective, Sep 2013

 Leadership Skills & Training

Leadership Skills & Training

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Systems Consulting

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Latest Resources

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Events & Workshops

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