Webinar: Gaining true commitment to the revised 91XX series of standards

Improving AS9100 Standards Webinar banner image

Whilst many organisations already meet the requirements of the 91XX series of standards, the question remains, is the intent and commitment to high performance and a culture of quality truly met?

In this webinar hosted by Megan James, Robin and Leigh will share their experiences deploying quality and enterprise excellence systems within industry and discuss:

  • Going beyond conformance: Discover how to meet the intent behind the revised requirements based on leadership, strategy and a culture of continuous improvement
  • Driving best practice: Understand how the leading companies are embedding and sustaining a high-performance culture through purpose, process and people
  • Building a culture of quality and improvement: Deploying high performance behaviors at all levels of your organization to ensure you meet and exceed the 91XX series requirements
  • Creating alignment: Building a bridge between quality, operations and HR to build one approach to Enterprise Excellence that will create competitive advantage and provision for growth
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