Advanced Engineering 2019 Exhibition & Conference

essence of excellence banner image

We are pleased to announce that Robin Jaques, partner and Aerospace & Defence sector head, will be delivering a talk on the Essence of Excellence at the Advanced Engineering 2019 Exhibition & Conference on Wednesday the 30th October between 2pm and 2:30pm.

This exhibition and conference is the perfect opportunity to discover the newest technologies and innovations that are crucial to an organisations continued growth and competitiveness.

It allows organisations to be ready to implement real solutions to optimise and reduce their production costs, compress lead times and develop the most desirable and cost-effective solutions for their customers, whether visiting from an OEM, or from within any level of the supply chains serving aerospace, automotive, healthcare, transport, marine, energy, and civil engineering.

The talk will be built around the award winning book, The Essence of Excellence, and take attendee’s through the findings of the book, and how it can deliver sustainable continuous improvement in any organisation. The book, which was sponsored by S A Partners and written by Peter Hines and Chris Butterworth, was only released earlier this year, but has already won the coveted Shingo Publication award.

S A Partners run an Essence of Excellence workshop delivered by Prof. Peter Hines which is built around the book, and is in high demand for attendees as it not only takes you through the book and its findings, but also visits world class organisations.

If you’d like to know more on how S A Partners can help you on your excellence journey, then why not contact Robin Jaques.