Advanced Leadership

Leadership Programmes

Set up your team do deliver a culture of excellence

Advanced Leadership allows delegates to go deeper into the subject areas covered on Leadership Essentials based on a training needs diagnostic.  Whether you want to go deeper into the Shingo model, enhance your coaching skills or explore how to create a lean culture, we are here to support you as you develop your skills.  Training content is customised based on your individual and organisational needs, but usually consists of a minimum of a further 6 days of training plus 1:1 coaching and experiential learning.

Delivering the training

The training modules are designed to be delivered either face to face or virtually and we work with you to identify the best mode of delivery for your delegates. You might favour virtual learning, with a module delivered per week allowing time for thought and reflection between sessions. Or you might prefer an intensive face-to-face format.

“The leadership coaching activity enabled the management groups to develop their personal resilience when dealing with challenging situations and ‘historical, old groove’ conversations. Through the coaching programme, leaders and managers developed a greater sensitivity to the situations where defined conversations were necessary and consciously employed a greater skill in delivering these conversations.”

Coaching the candidates

Each individual will receive at least 6 one to one coaching sessions over an agreed timeframe (normally 6-12 months) aimed at developing key competencies as agreed within the programme. Coaching can be delivered virtually or face to face. Candidates will be encouraged to reflect on their learnings form the classroom sessions, their experiences of using the tools, their development activities from their coaching and their plans for future development.


Accreditation will be tailored to your needs and could be through Cardiff University’s Lean Competency System, Shingo Institute or Blanchard Accredited training or other partners.