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S A Partners supporting global Aerospace & Defence organisations delivering organisational change.  

What clients say

“S A Partners is a dedicated training provider, who delivers a relevant and fun way of training. S A Partners focus’s on each individuals learning styles within the group to make everyone involved feel comfortable. All Questions asked where always taken seriously and answered with a helpful response. Our trainer Byron was particularly impressive, Ontic will definitely be using SA Partners in the future.”

Daisy Titmus, Manager, Ontic


“I’m currently living an availability dream for C-130Js & that’s because of the teamwork & relationship we have with Airbus Group AP. I know I can go in directly and touch the provider if I’m either satisfied or dissatisfied and I get an immediate response to it. So, to me, whilst there is a contract in writing, there is also a contracting relationship and that’s what I value out of your organisation, you recognise that there is a contract, but you will go beyond that and value the relationship you have with defence. And I’m not just saying that, I mean It”.

AIRCDRE W. McDonald Commander Air Mobility GroupRoyal Australian Air Force

A case study on supporting the Airbus Group AP lean journey

With more than 1700 staff at 19 sites across Australia and New Zealand, Airbus Group Australia Pacific delivers new Airbus aircraft and supports more than 500 aircraft through a network of local facilities. The company also assembles and supports 22 ARH Tiger and 47 MRH90 helicopters for the Australian Army.

The case study highlights some great financial benefits which include direct savings of more than $44.2 million dollars.

Identifying Key Ingredients for a successful Coach Progamme

Where a successful Coach has been deployed the average improvement from a number of processes was reported as 11% increase in productivity, 39% reduction in overall process lead time and supported by IT, the improvements were quickly carried over to other processes.

You can find out more about our coach programme by viewing our improvement coach programme.

Learning all about Shingo

S A Partners are affiliates of the Shingo Institute, and undertake Shingo Discover Excellence workshops that teach organisations how to identify and implement the necessary behaviours required that drive sustainable improvement and compete for the Shingo Prize.

BAE Systems at the Masterclass

Graham Cook of BAE talks about the Enterprise Excellence Masterclass, and how Learning in multiple organisations allowed him to take that experience/knowledge back to his workplace.


S A Partners are delighted to be an approved supplier for the SC21 Competitiveness and Growth (C&G) funded programme.


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