Focus on Food & Drink

focus on food and drink

The Food & Drink Sector contains some of our biggest clients.

Projects we are working on range from strategic ‘Lean Scorecard Maturity Assessments’ that set the direction and priorities for Continuous Improvement, to more tactical improvements around cost, quality and delivery performance. All contribute to holistic and sustainable improvements.

Jeff Williams, Head of Sector at S A Partners was a guest speaker at a major Food and Supply Chain conference. You can listen to Jeff’s presentation where he explains what real Lean is, how it needs to be implemented, and why it often fails. This is a great snapshot into the implementation of Lean, and the components that drive successful strategies

This month’s case study reports on the importance of effective forecasting and planning at an international meat processing company.

If you want to know more about our work in the Food & Drink sector, contact Jeff Williams.