Behavioural Coaching

Behavioural Coaching

Behavioural coaching is about developing systems that enable ideal behaviour to be created within the organisation, supported by both measurement (KBI) and coaching competence”

Essentially its about stimulating the ideal behaviours necessary, for the organisation to deliver its improvement journey.

How will this be achieved?

  • Develop behaviours to stimulate the necessary changes in the improvement journey.
  • Develop skills of coaches and willingness of individuals to be coached.
  • Develop individual expectations and accountability to enable coaching conversations.
  • Visualise the process and ensure ideal behaviour can be observed, described and recorded.

Why would you do this?

  • To maximise the people potential via the continual development of ideal behaviour.
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Delivering Enterprise Excellence at Vale Clydach

95% of all waste recycled, and a winner of the Shingo Silver Medallion. Just two of some the benefits gained by Vale on their CI journey

Embedding Productivity as a Way of Life

Group cost to income ratio improved 70bps to 42.9 as productivity initiatives delivered tangible outcomes during this lean journey.

Identifying Key Ingredients for a Successful Coach Programme

This case study highlights the average improvement from a number of processes where a successful Coach has been deployed, such as 39% reduction in overall process lead time.

How to win a Shingo Prize

In this FREE to view webinar recording, Jon Alder talks at length about his journey taking Rexam, a global multi site organisation, through to the Shingo prize, and the change of culture along the way.

Latest Research in Lean Thinking

Introduction to the Shingo approach

In this half hour introductory webinar, Prof. Peter Hines talks about Shingo, and how you create a sustainable system of improvement.

Thought Leadership in the area of Lean Culture Webinar download

This webinar looks at our research, which has taken an innovative slant, looking at the effect on sustainable improvement of the type of conversations that managers hold with their people.

How do you best develop your coaching capabilities?

This FREE webinar covers the following;Recognise that there are multiple ways to develop coaching capabilities; Identify those with a ‘natural’ coaching capability; That Expert Leaders may be contributors in their own right without the need for high level coaching skills; Begin to know how to adopt different learning strategies.

‘Shift the dialogue – Shift the Culture’ Insight Paper

This paper, written by Kevin Eyre, is a contribution towards the debate on sustainable cultures of Continuous Improvement.

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