Leigh Rogers

Leigh has been a management consultant for over 15 years and has worked with clients in a number of sectors including Aerospace, Defence, Automotive and Rail.  Consulting support has included working closely with clients to embed continuous improvement systems in their businesses, providing one to one coaching and mentoring to Leaders and Senior Managers, and more importantly delivering bottom line results in assisting companies to achieve their full potential.

Leigh brings an in-depth knowledge and understanding of how to develop transformation frameworks to integrate complex business processes that support development, alignment and deployment of an organisations’ strategy into business objectives and key performance indicators ensuring that the correct behaviours are driven to impact positively on the organisations culture. Specialist knowledge and skills relate to AS9100, EN9104, IAQG ASD Evaluator, a practicing AEA auditor, EFQM Assessor and Manufacturing Excellence Practitioner for the A|D|S SC21 Programme.