Business Mentoring

We have looked at our feedback comments and have decided to expand our offer further by adding a mentoring service to our customers and their organisations. This builds on our current consulting, coaching and training approaches.

Our business mentors are highly experienced professionals who will work alongside you to deliver advice and guidance drawn from over 30 years working in a key business sector or an organisational function. Their role is to help you make decisions and manage key aspects of how you wish to improve and perform. They will take on responsibility and accountability and will thus need to become a functioning element of your organisation.

Mentoring can either take a strategic companywide focus or be discipline focused. For example, you may have a new Executive Leader that has brilliant Operational Excellence skills but doesn’t have experience in Business Development or vice-versa. Mentor programmes normally run over two years and involve monthly meetings; the frequency of meetings is determined at the beginning of the programme. We will help you select the right Mentor based on your individual and organisational requirements.

We have mentors that have organisational sector knowledge such as Food or Life Science and can provide board level advice, other mentors that are highly skilled at developing roles such as Operations Mangers or Continuous Improvement Managers and finally mentors who can create high performing systems such as Machine performance or Strategy deployment.

You can also find out more about the various sectors we have vast experience with:

Follow the links below to our partner bios, sectors and system consulting expertise to find out more.

For general enquiries on how we can work with you to provide our business mentoring expertise, please follow the appropriate link to your regional contact for advice.

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