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Care Programme

Our vision is to create a sustainable business that delivers our stakeholders social, economic and environmental goals. We are a training and consultancy company that has been supporting organisations around the world improve since 1993.

The S A Partners Care Programme establishes how we will build a sustainable future by caring for our team, our customers, our community and our environment. Sustainability embraces every element that will ensure we and our customers can continue to be successful now and in the future.

We will develop our systems and people around the Investors In People framework as a benchmark for our ongoing success.

We are committed to making a positive impact and share below how we will achieve this:

Charity Program

S A Partners provides support to the local communities of our employees and customers through our Community Fund.  Each year we donate 2 percent of our profit to the Fund which is then distributed to our colleagues to make a donation to their charity of choice.  In 2023 we supported over 25 charities around the world including:

  • MIND
  • Macmillan
  • Great Western Air Ambulance
  • Papyrus
  • National Wildlife Trust
  • British Heart Foundation
  • And many more

We also support charities by donating our time and support by giving all colleagues that wish, 3 days a year to spend time supporting charities with either fundraising or operational activities. For more information on our Charity Support click here

Charity Forum

As part of our community support programme we run a monthly virtual networking Lean Forum for the Charity & Third Sector.  This group brings together leading charitable and third sector organisations that share ideas on how to deploy lean and continuous improvement within this sector.  Members and Industry Leaders are invited to share their own examples of best practice and improvement and it’s also great for networking.

Care for the Environment

We are committed to creating an organisation that has sustainability at the heart of all that we do. We acknowledge the role that we play as individuals and as a company to support each other, our customers and all our stakeholders in making this a reality.

What we do :

  • We are and will remain a Carbon Neutral organisation. We achieve this through our partnership with the Ocean Foundation where we support blue carbon projects across the world. For more information CLICK HERE
  • We will continue to evaluate our operating practices to ensure we consider our environmental impact. This will include travel; materials; and machinery.
  • We will encourage all Team members to take responsibility and ownership for their and their colleagues environmental impact and task individuals to identify ways in which we could improve. This is managed through our performance review process.
  • Where feasible we will recycle equipment and materials no longer required for the operation of the business.
  • We will source all marketing and promotional materials from sustainable resources and recycle as appropriate..
  • Through our open workshops and forums we will share best practice and knowledge on sustainability in all its forms.
  • We will support our customers with their drive for sustainability by ensuring that it is included within our programme governance.


At S A Partners we believe in supporting each other to become the best version of ourselves.  We are committed to cultivating an environment where people are trusted, respected and treated with humility.

We celebrate differences and know that the diversity of our experience, our ideas and our personalities are what make us unique and valuable contributors to the team.  We foster an inclusive workplace where all employees are given the opportunity and encouraged to reach their full potential.  We want everyone to feel respected and appreciated for who they are, where they come from and what they have achieved.

We are an equal opportunities employer with offices in the UK, Ireland, USA and Australia.

Mental Health in the workplace is a specific area of passion for us as we recognize that the world of work has changed. We are committed to supporting our colleagues and clients by ensuring that every person has the space to be themselves, to share how they feel and receive the support they need, when they need it.

We will:

  • Give every person three care days to use in the year (that can be taken at any time) to use with the community or other charitable activities.
  • Ensure those responsible for leading others have the skills and capability to support their teams and colleagues.
  • Share best practices with other businesses and learn from others.
  • Use our position as an organisation of influence to support others build best practice in this area, by recognizing and celebrating this way of working with our clients and our communities.
  • Ensure all our performance reviews focus on how we can support individuals become the best versions of themselves.
  • Ensure that our recruitment policies and practices reflect this commitment.
  • Through our employee survey we will assess the teams perception and identify areas for improvement.

We are committed to reviewing our practices and policies in this area to ensure that we have the right systems and processes in place to drive the ideal behaviours of trust, humility and respect.

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