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Celebrating 12 Years of Lean Competency Accreditation

Successful Re-Accreditation of Training, Assessment & Certification Services to the Lean Competency System (licensed by Cardiff University)

S A Partners and Cardiff University – through the Lean Enterprise Research Centre and the Lean Competency System have a long-standing heritage.

After 12 years, we are now celebrating the successful re-accreditation of S A Partners Trainers, Coaches and Assessors, plus the Training, Assessment & Certification standards which align to the Lean Competency System.

This re-accreditation heralds what continues to be a productive, collaborative and mutually beneficial relationship between both parties.

The Lean Competency System Framework provides structure and rigour while simultaneously being flexible enough to accommodate the contingent needs of a diverse range of organizational clients.

Lean ompetency Framework Diagram

The S A Partners Improvement Coach Programme and Leadership Development Programmes are underpinned by this internationally renowned accreditation standard.

The Lean Competency System has an increasingly global presence:

map of the world with LCS training locations


Since 2010, S A Partners have:

  • Consistently achieved Accreditation and Certification to train and formally assess to the Lean Competency System Levels 1a to 2b.
  • Coached candidates to ‘strategic’ Level 3.
  • Trained over 11,000 people to LCS standards
  • Certified over 7000 people to LCS standards
  • Worked with over 100 Companies
    • In over 20 different Sectors/Industries
    • Multi-National/global clients
  • Delivered Millions in £, Euros, $ in ‘Cost’ benefits plus others across:
    • Customer – internal and external customer value
    • Compliance – safety and quality
    • Colleagues – engagement, commitment and behaviours
    • Capacity – people and process ‘time’
    • Capability – knowledge, competence and confidence
    • Supported companies to establish their own accredited CI Academies

Customer feedback scores higher than industry average S A Partners Perform Higher Than The Industry Average – S A Partners

The relationship is stronger than ever between the Lean Competency System and S A Partners.

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