Community Support for Cancer Charity

cheque award to cancer research

As part of our partner program we  nominate causes that they have some personal connection to.  Based on this – we typically make a number of donations towards Cancer charities.

This year, we donated prizes for an auction which helped raise £25k for Breast Cancer support in the UK, and also made a financial donation to Cancer Research Wales.

As a Lean consultancy, we value the importance of ‘prevention’ or ‘early detection’ of problems and the development of targeted solutions – particularly in the Life Sciences sector.

Money donated to Cancer Research Wales goes to clinical and laboratory based cancer research in universities and hospitals across Wales. That’s where the breakthroughs are taking place. It’s where scientists are finding answers to the questions that are being asked by cancer researchers all over the world.

PhD researchers at Cancer Research Wales are from Cardiff University – where a number of the S A Partners team have studied and graduated from.  We are therefore delighted that our donation will go towards funding a full-time PhD student.

Dr Toni Whitehead recently visited Cancer Research Wales in Cardiff to tour the Laboratory facilities, meet the researchers and to present the cheque of £890 to Coleen Watkins, Deputy Director of Cancer Research Wales.

If you would like to know more about Cancer Research Wales – please go to their web site:

Toni Whitehead presnting the cheque to Coleen watkins
Toni Whitehead being shown the research equipment at Cancer Research Wales
Toni Whitehead chatting about the Cancer Research Wales equipment