Covid-19-Coaching through Disruption

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Keivan Zokaei, partner and head of Financial Services at S A Partners, recently delivered a webcast for the Chartered Banker Institute where he talks about taking advantage of a crisis situation and turning it into a positive one.

In this webcast you will:

  • Learn the basic principles of well-being and resilience
  • Learn more about the nature of Covid-19 crisis and the profound effect it will have on management practices going forward
  • Learn tried and tested coaching and positive psychology techniques to help you lead and support both yourself and your team during Covid-19 Crisis.
  • Learn why companies that have a culture of improvement are doing significantly better than their competition

There is an interview with senior directors from a leading FS sector company who will explain their response to Covid-19 and how their culture of improvement underpins their resilience through the crisis, with an open Q&A with Dr Keivan Zokaei.

Guest Speakers

Tina Morris – Chief Operating Officer at S&P Global

Dina Patel – Head of Continuous Improvement at S&P Global