Creating a Culture of Excellence to Drive Profitability

image of jet fighters and BESCILLED model

With productivity falling behind other G7 countries, the Aerospace and Defence sector must meet the challenge of profitability, despite the affect Brexit may have on it. This and other challenges mean more than ever the sector will need to look at many different ways of improving productivity.

Prof. Peter Hines, S A Partners founder, and Robin Jaques, Aerospace and Defence sector head, have both produced an article for the ADS Advance website this month, which explains how productivity in an organisation can be improved by developing a culture of excellence.

It defines productivity and highlights how it is strikingly different to efficiency which at its simplest is about achieving the same outcomes with less resources. It uses the Smiths Inst report of 2016 which highlighted the need for employees to contribute through working harder not smarter, and pulls on S A Partners 25 years of experience in organisations in defining what Essence of Excellence really looks like.

This paper has also been accepted for presentation at the prestigious Farnborough International Air Show July 2018 as part of the ‘FINN Sessions’ programme.

To read the full article please follow the link below:

 Prof Peter Hines will also be undertaking a Masterclass with several award winning companies throughout 2018 which takes in Enterprise Excellence, and has also written a separate paper on the Core to Sustainable High End Lean which is about driving sustainable Improvement.