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Enterprise Excellence

SA Partners has been delivering consulting solutions to its clients since 1993, it is Europe’s longest-established lean consultancy. We live and breathe our brand promise of Together, the power to improve in how we work with our customers and with our colleagues . With offices in the UK, Ireland, USA, and Australia we have the capability to deliver your change in English, Spanish, German, and Mandarin.

Our consulting approach is centred around the Enterprise Excellence model and its 7 elements and we have developed a consulting team that can deliver Enterprise Excellence to clients, worldwide. We combine our abilities to assess your organisational need and solve your problems through training and coaching of your people to create sustainable improvement. We continually challenge and improve our thinking through reviewing our successes, and understanding our customers current and future needs. We have won 5 Shingo Research prizes for our publications, for more information click here.

We have developed affiliations with Universities in the USA and UK,  and have aligned ourselves with some of the world’s leading providers of training to further strengthen our approach and team

enterprise excellence

Deep Excellence: Seeing and Hearing a Culture of Deep Excellence

This book will challenge your thinking about how you lead; and how you can add value to those around you. You will discover and explore ways in which you can bring meaning to your work and how you can engage the heads; hands and hearts to create a culture of Deep Excellence in your organization.

Through a focus on behaviours and systems thinking the authors take you on a journey, where they share their decades of experience supporting organisations to achieve their ideal results. They provide guidance on how to create the positive behaviours required in today’s world; and how you as a leader can create sustainable change.

The Essence of Excellence, Creating a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Authors Peter Hines and Chris Butterworth have conducted research in over 100 companies worldwide. Of these, around 40 have shown themselves to have, in their different ways, the Essence of Excellence they were looking for. This has culminated in the book, The Essence of Excellence, which was launched in January.

In the book, Peter and Chris explored what separates the really great from the merely good? The answer lies not in what you see, or the tools people use, but in the feel, the pure essence of these organisations. It is the mind-set, the language, the confidence and the sheer passion for excellence. What these sites do have is a set of Principle-led Behaviours, effective Core Operating Systems and a very sustainable approach.

The Seven Elements of the Enterprise Excellence Model include:

Customer Results

At the heart of every successful organisation is a continued commitment to understand the needs of its customers and to continually exceed their expectations. Our approach is to fully understand both the internal and external customer needs, then quantify these and create a vision of both current and future requirements. This forms the basis of how all the other elements of the model combine and deliver Enterprise Excellence.

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A thorough understanding of the needs of the customer enables the organisation to develop its purpose and create strategies and plans to deliver its vision. We work with senior teams to develop these plans and create frameworks and governance to ensure sustainable improvement is created.

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Creating Enterprise Excellence is not just about high-performing processes, true improvement happens when people are fully bought into the journey and fully participate in its delivery. We work with you to create systems and competencies that enable effective communication to happen – enabling people at all levels to energise their teams, create ideal behaviour and create a culture of mutual success.

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Creating Enterprise Excellence requires high-performing systems, processes, and tasks. These should be integrated and aligned around the current and future needs of the customer. Our approach is to develop an operating framework, that understands the operational objectives, creates measures and targets, review mechanisms and accountability that ensure the deployment and escalation of improvement actions.

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At the centre of high-performing organisations are high-performing systems, these should be standardised, visual, integrated across the organisation, and continually improving. Our approach is to develop the entire operating system of an organisation from source information or materials to customer end use. We develop define and develop systems, processes, and tasks to ensure organisations operate at their optimum potential.

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An organisations success is built on its ability to have the right people, in the right place, at the right time, with the right mindset. We focus on ensuring people are able to achieve their full potential whilst satisfying the current and future needs of the organisation. We look at the entire people cycle from succession planning, recruitment, and induction through to retirement.

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Today’s fast-moving consumer economy is built upon continual innovation and change. Improvement therefore should not be seen as an option but as an essential component of any organisation’s activity. We work with you to develop your improvement activities ensuring its implemented into everyday work and an inherent part of how the organisation operates. It’s both a process and a cultural commitment.

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4 Point Lessons

We have summarised our thinking into the following Four Point Lesson. Please click on the link below for your free download

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