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The S A Partners Systems Excellence Consulting

Creating systems that maximise effectiveness and deliver continuous improvement

S A Partners has developed the Enterprise Excellence model to enable organisations to deliver sustainable continuous improvement. The model has seven key elements, which when developed in an integrated programmes – deliver ideal results.

Customer ResultsPurposeAlignEngagePeopleProcessImprove

We recognise that customers are key, organisations require purpose, people, and process – but most importantly, successful organisations pay special attention to align, engage, and improve.

Our consulting team are continually developed using award winning thinking from our books, affiliations, and accreditation. We will be able to diagnose your needs, and develop bespoke solutions for you.

enterprise excellence

Our systems excellence consulting capability is based upon our award winning academic research:

Customer Results Systems

Understand Customer Value

Deliver both effectively and efficiently on customer and stakeholder needs.

Define Benefits

Quantify the benefits of the programme and how data will be gathered to monitor progress.

Develop Programmes

A framework for enabling tangible benefits, high level resourcing, and programme management.

Purpose Systems

strategy formation

Strategy Formation

Turn stakeholder’s needs into a strategy that is understood and owned by the organisation.

Organisation Design

Developing an organisation that is capable of delivering the requirements of the strategy.

Deliver strategic programmes

Deliver Strategic Programmes

Develop work streams and governance frameworks to ensure needs are managed.

Engagement Systems

Behavioural Deployment

Enable ideal behaviours to be created within the organisation, supported by coaching competence.

Management Communication

Allow information to flow up, down and across an organisation and it’s stakeholders.

Leader Standard Work

Provide structure around how the organisation is improved and realise the full potential of leaders group.

Alignment Systems

Strategy Deployment

Developing a measurement system that drives ideal behaviours and delivers on strategy.

Setting targets and measures

Track current and future performances, through both leading and lagging metrics.

Management Process

The governance to ensure a dynamic environment in which issues and opportunities are acted on.

Process Systems

Sales Acquisition

Align every individual to understand their contribution towards organisational success.

Supply-Chain Integration

Utilise the supply chain at its optimal level, create high levels of performance at optimal cost.

Order Fulfilment

How value is created and managed within the organisation to meet customer needs.

Total Productive Maintenance

Unlock your installed productive capacity, by unlocking the full potential of your people.

New Product Development

Create a process that is capable of developing, introducing, managing and retiring products.

Quality and Compliance

Deliver intended performance, while compliance is defined as meeting regulatory requirements.

People Systems

Learning and development

Identify the capabilities, skills and competencies required to ensure a sustainable organisation.

Reward and Recognition

Create and environment where individual and team efforts are recognised and rewarded.

People Lifecycle Management

Ensure the organisation has the correct numbers of people and skills required to fulfil its needs.

Improvement Systems

Continuous Improvement

Create a culture where everybody improves what they deliver for their organisation and customers.

Benchmark Best Practice

Use external and internal best practice to stimulate continuous improvement.

Problem Solving

Create the habit and ability at all levels within the organisation to manage and solve problems.

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