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Creating systems that maximise effectiveness and deliver continuous improvement


Every business strives to continuously improve, creating value for its customers and stakeholders. To do this, businesses invest in talented people through their recruitment and people development processes. However, those people need systematic and standard ways of working so that everyone in the organisation is clear on what they need to do, when they need to do it, and how it contributes to deliver the goals and targets of the strategy.

All our partners and consultants are continually trained and developed around this thinking, so enabling them to provide you with the best possible consulting solutions.

Our systems consulting capability is based upon award winning academic research:

12 Strategic and improvement systems

Principles and behaviours

How to define the business principles and deploy ideal behaviours.

Customer value

How to capture and use customer and stakeholder value.

Business strategy

How to create, articulate and cascade a clear business strategy.

Organisational design

How to align organisation processes and people to deliver strategy.

Measures, targets and projects

How to align measures, targets and projects to manage execution.

Socialise strategy and engage people

How to socialise strategy to ensure understanding and engagement.

Visual management

How to set up and deploy a structured visual management system.

Problem solving

How to integrate problem solving to manage today’s deviations.

Continuous improvement

How to standardise continuous improvement to create tomorrow’s strategic needs.

Leader standard work

How to establish defined routines for leaders to connect and coach.

Learning and development

How to formalise a practical and recognised system of learning and development.

Benchmark and share best practice

How to share and implement external and internal best practices.

Typical delivery systems

Sales acquisition

How existing and new business is won and managed within the organisation.

New product development

How new products or innovations are developed, introduced and managed within the organisation.

Order fulfilment

How customer needs are translated into work and how this work is delivered back to these customers.

Supply chain integration

How the supply chain can be integrated and optimised so customer needs are continually met.

Reward and recognition

How people are recognised and rewards for their skills, knowledge and behaviour.

Total productive maintenance

How the assets of the organisation are introduced, managed and retired so their performance is optimised throughout their life-cycle.

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