Developing Leadership Skills

image of a team developing leadership skills at a leadership workshop with postit notes on the board

What makes an Organisation Great is its ability to manage and motivate its people and leaders, which is where Developing Leadership Skills come into play.

There are millions of quotes, thousands of books and hundreds of professors all available to give advice to organisations, or teach us specific techniques. The problem with all this, is that it almost becomes a competition between the various channels of information.  After years of experience successfully creating leaders in organisations all around the world, and in a wide variety of sectors, for us the solution was simple. You need to know who you are, what you have to do and be able to motivate your team to achieve these goals.

All too often the quotes are insights, the books are built around a technique and the professors are looking to win prizes.

How do you develop leadership skills?

Our Leadership Skills Development Programme blends training, coaching and process support to ensure sustainable outcomes are achieved. Our Leadership Development Programme is also accredited through the Cardiff University Lean Competency System and Life Long Learning is maintained through our learning management system.

The secret is not just to train but to coach around key deliverables and encourage leaders to reflect on their performance. If you’d like to find out more about how S A Partners can help your leadership development, then you can contact Simon Grogan.