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Digital Transformation

Today, every company is a technology company, and every leader is a technology leader. With technology so deeply engrained into the way that you work and your ability to create and deliver value, it also must be the beating heart of your transformation, change, and improvement programmes.   

No matter at which stage of the improvement journey you find yourself, the SA Partners Digital Transformation team can help you leverage technology to both accelerate your journey towards Enterprise Excellence, digitise and automate your existing manual processes, and drive effective change management.   

Digital Transformation is not a one-time event, rather organisations should be always looking for how technology can be used to help them be more efficient, keep their employees happy, and delight their customers.

SA Partners can help you build the foundation needed to shift Digital Transformation from a series of projects to being ingrained in your organisation’s DNA. This can involve working with you to embed technology into your wider strategy, implementing a Digital Transformation System capable of executing your strategy, and coaching your leaders to create a culture where people advocate for the use of new tools and technologies.

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The first step on your improvement journey is to stabalise your processes and ensure that work gets done in a standardised way regardless of when, where, or by whom its done. 

Achieving this level of standardisation will not only ensure that your processes produce consistent outputs, but will also lay the foundations for your future improvement and automation efforts.  

 S A Partners can help you get out of the reactive phase and achieve standardisation. This support starts with embedding Nintex Process Manager in your organisation, the technology that will form the backbone of not just your standardisation, but also your future optimisation and automation efforts. Once embedded, we will arm you with the skills needed to successfully achieve (and maintain) a state of stability yourself, or we can do the heavy lifting and hand over to you once a state of standardization has been achieved. 


In a technology-driven world,  organisations are increasingly tempted to turn straight to automation as the one and only solution to their process problems.  Operations managers however know too well that automating a process before removing waste will lead to ‘automated waste’ which can be even worse. 

“The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.”- Bill Gates 

In accordance with best practice, once you have standardised your processes, process optimisation is required before jumping onto digitisation and automation.  

At S A Partners we can not only guide you through this Optimisation phase, but also help you to use technology as a means of identifying process problems, diagnosing the root cause of the problem, and designing non-technical solutions. 

Once you have standardised and optimised your processes, you’re ready to tackle the next stage in your improvement journey to excellence – digitisation and automation.  

The mistake that many organisations make at this stage, is to digitise and automate processes as use cases come through the door. Without a formal assessment framework, this approach of ‘first come first served’ means that limited resources are spent executing low-value use cases, while high-impact use cases are either buried away in a development backlog or simply remain unidentified.  

S A Partners can help you not only develop the frameworks needed to ensure that your automation initiatives focus on the high value, high-impact use cases, but also provide consulting support to identify which processes are ripe for digitisation and automation, determine the most appropriate technology solution, and take them all the way through to implementation. 


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