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Download the Staying Lean, Thriving not just Surviving book

Download the Award Winning Publication, Staying Lean

S A Partners are pleased to offer the Shingo award winning book, ‘Staying Lean, Thriving not just surviving’ as a full, free download. To download click the download graphic image link.

This publication won the Shingo Research and Professional Publication Prize in 2009, and it takes you through how to create and sustain a Lean business. It followed Cogent Power’s first two Lean Roadmaps along their journey, and how it successfully implemented Lean in its manufacturing and commercial areas to help turnaround the organisation s financial performance. YOu can view the video case study below

The story is based around the Lean Iceberg Model of sustainable change and addresses the often invisible, and hard to copy, enabling elements of successful Lean Management in manufacturing organisations: Strategy and Alignment, Leadership, Behaviour and Engagement as well as the more visible features: Process Management and the application of Lean Technology, Value Stream Tools and Techniques.

Staying Lean is designed to be used as a practical workbook to guide practitioners along their own Lean journey so that Lean becomes embedded in the organisation and sustains the performance improvements over the long-term; often enabling them to outperform low-cost economies and thus compete in a global marketplace.

Cogent Power Inc, the Full CI Case Study