Dr Fiona Buttrey, Partner

image of Fiona Buttrey

I joined SA partners in 2018.  Prior to this I worked in Manufacturing in the metals sector – Steel and Nickel, and have over 10 years’ experience in a senior management role as a Continuous Improvement lead.

I am a LCS Master Lean Coach and Shingo Examiner.  I have a degree in Chemistry, am a Doctor of Materials Engineering and a Chartered Engineer and have an MBA.

I’m excited about the opportunity to share my passion for using continuous improvement thinking to transform business performance, guided by the application of the Shingo model.  I am particularly interested in the cultural change process that forms part of any successful LEAN implementation.

I’m relatively new to consultancy, but I’m enjoying the opportunity to learn by applying my skills to different sectors, and learning new approaches.

In my previous senior management role, I learned a huge amount by taking my organisation right through a process of LEAN implementation.  I learned that there is much more to a successful LEAN implementation than applying a few tools, and have found the process of driving cultural change fascinating.

My biggest achievement in my last role was to take a 100-year-old nickel Refinery through a LEAN transformation to achieve the Shingo Silver Medallion for Operational Excellence.  Whilst winning the award was great recognition for the work of the whole team, the real prize was the business results achieved, with substantial improvements made across every area of the business.  This opened the door for me to become a Shingo Examiner, allowing me to visit some of the companies who are leading the way on Operational Excellence.

People say I’m enthusiastic and energetic and like getting things done…but when it’s snowing outside and I’m talking about going kayaking at the weekend they also say I’m a little bit mad!

I am currently working as an Associate, but will be joining as a Partner in July 2018.  I am currently working in the Utilities and Life Science sectors and delivering our Shingo offerings.

I am married, and my husband and I like nothing better than getting out in our kayaks on the sea, in the surf or on rivers.  We are generally outdoor people who like being in remote areas away from the crowds.  After holidays I generally come back to work for a rest!

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