Effective Leadership

effective leadership skills building exercise

Its Effective leadership that makes an organisation Great. It’s the ability to manage and motivate its people at every level of the business. There are millions of quotes, thousands of books and hundreds of professors, all available to give us advice or teach us a specific technique.  This approach ends up almost like a cockeril showing competition, with one method pitched against the other.

For us the solution is simple, you need to know who you are, what you have to do and be able to motivate your team to achieve those goals. Too often the quotes are insights, the books are built around a technique and the professors are looking to win prizes.

Effective leadership will encompass attributes such as:

  • Giving feedback
  • Accepting feedback
  • Listening
  • Delegating leadership
  • Handling group discussions
  • Handling difficult discussions

Our approach to effective leadership development blends training, coaching and process support to ensure sustainable outcomes are achieved for every organisation we work with, and at every level. That’s why we have chosen to accredit our Leadership Development Programme through the Cardiff University Lean Competency System and Life Long Learning is maintained through our learning management system.

The secret is not just to train, but to coach around key deliverables and encourage leaders to reflect on their performance. The Leadership Development programme delivers 2 courses which are The Leadership Foundation Course, and The Advanced Leadership Course.

To find out more about the Leadership Programme, and creating effective leadership, contact Simon Grogan.