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What are the challenges or opportunities you’re facing?

Today’s world is rapidly changing, therefore the future of manufacturing and assembly is expected to change with:


Here are some of the companies we currently work with:

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Michael Moreton is our lead in the Manufacturing and Assembly, with over 40 years experience in the industry.

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How can we help you face up to these challenges?

We are fully familiar with the challenges and complexities your organisations face and have developed our approach over this time so we deliver the ideal balance of Purpose, Process and People improvements.

  • Enterprise Excellence Assessments – to help establish not only where you can improve, but where your strengths are, and building a roadmap for improvement.
  • Improvement Coach Programmes – you leaders and teams need to embrace change, and therefore need to understand the principles of improvement, and develop themselves into the changing world.
  • Developing systems of improvement – our people have a wealth of experience in consulting Enterprise Excellence solutions to help deploy improvement.

You can find our different offers below:

Get started!

This popular online Lean Competency System accredited course will be provide you a foundation for discovering how Lean can drive improvement within your organisation

Mark Pullman, Managing Director – IG Doors

Continuous Improvement at Cogent Inc

Lean & Sustainable Consortium

Lean Training Summary

“I don’t use consultants, I use S A Partners. In my first contacts with Prof. Peter Hines and Chris Butterworth at S A Partners, I became convinced that the holistic approach they had developed was the concept I had sought.

After having worked with them for many years now, and seen the great successes we have achieved at Cogent Power, I am even more convinced that this is the waya business (any business – and not just automotive) should be run.”

Marcel Schabos, Former Cogent Power MD

“As a single comment I would buy this again for any organization embarking upon a strategic change direction. This is the first program I have been in 18 years that actually adds real value. A real delight to meet people of a like mind and not peddling quick shallow solutions that are doomed to fail in the medium term”

Carl Moffat, HR Director, Siemens Industrial Turbo Machinery

Capability Development Programme integrated with improvement projects

Intercast & Forge Case Study

Creating Enterprise Excellence using their own people & embedding a culture of CI at Inalfa

This case study is on improving the overall business performance at IG Doors

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