Enterprise Excellence Journey

The Enterprise Excellence Journey is a guide we use during our assessment of your organisation, which helps us determine where you are in relation to the three key phases. The three phases of the journey are outlined below.

We establish where your organisation is in relation to the Enterprise Excellence journey by undertaking an assessment. Once done we can then draw up a custom intervention strategy using our Enterprise Excellence Model.

So what does each section of the Enterprise Excellence Journey mean?

The Reactive Phase

A structured approach is in place and being used in some pilot areas. Knowledge is held in a small pool of resource with plans to roll-out after proven success.

grapp of the reactive phase

The Proactive Phase

The approach is clear, agreed and aligned with business goals. The systems, roles and behaviours are established and are found throughout the organisation.

Proactive stability phase

The Excellence Phase

Continuous Improvement is a way of life at every level and in every part of the organisation. The organisation extends learning and improvement across the entire and extended enterprise.

the excellence phase of the enterprise excellence journey