Discovering the Essence of Excellence at SPI Lasers

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Discovering the Essence of Excellence at SPI Lasers We are spending three days at SPI Lasers in Southampton from 1-3 October to take a deep-dive into the award-winning publication by Prof. Peter Hines and Chris Butterworth, The Essence of Excellence.

SPI Lasers, a leading fiber laser manufacturer based in Southampton, were chosen as a host site as they clearly show a passion for Continuous Improvement and the pursuit of Excellence.

Over three days attendees from companies across the UK will gain an understanding of the philosophy of ‘Excellence’ and how leading organisations have achieved success. The course is being delivered by Shingo Award winner Professor Peter Hines and combines both workshops and tours of this impressive facility.

The book itself is available on Amazon and is a culmination of 5 years research undertaken by Hines and Butterworth. The publication has received accolades from industry leaders and contains a foreword from industry guru and author of the Toyota Way series Jeffrey K. Liker.

So according to Hines and Butterworth what does separate the really great from the merely good? Their answer is clear, it is not just what you can see, or the tools that are deployed, but the feeling, the culture, the pure essence of the organisation. This shows itself in the mind-set, the language, the confidence and the sheer passion
for excellence.

Inspiring others to improve is without doubt Hines and Butterworth’s primary objective in producing this book and the accompanying workshop and they have received resoundingly positive feedback. Michael Phelan, Head of Operations and Supply Chain at Glabia, Ireland summed it up:

“Within the Essence of Excellence, Peter and Chris through collaboration with so many colleagues that have worked on Continuous Improvement have been able to capture many lifetimes of learning’s into this valuable resource. The Catch 22 about this book is that once you have read it you will want to share it, but you will also want to keep it for reference. My advice, buy two!”

Professor Peter Hines is also a Shingo Award winning author for ‘Creating a Lean & Green Business System’ and ‘Staying Lean: Thriving not just surviving’, To celebrate the release and success of Essence of Excellence, we have made this award winning publication available as a full download.  . Peter founded SA Partners in 1994 as a spin-out from his activities running the Lean Enterprise Research Centre at Cardiff University. The company is now a leading global business transformation consultancy company. Peter has a degree from Cambridge University and an MBA and PhD from Cardiff University. He is an accredited Senior Shingo Facilitator and Visiting Professor at Waterford Institute of Technology.

The Essence of Excellence workshop is delivered by S A Partners LLP as part of its Global event programme.