Webinar – Australia: Selling Remotely with Agile Sales 10am AEST


When: Tue, Apr 7th  @ 10am AEST

The way we work has changed rapidly; within a few days, remote working has become the norm. The book Agile Sales – Delivering Customer Journeys of Value and Delight is due for release globally in May.

The book provides insights into how to develop a high-performance sales team either face to face or remotely. Agile Sales offers practical approaches to build a sustainable continuous improvement culture within a sales and marketing organisation. It is the first book of it’s kind to apply best practice Excellence techniques such as Agile and Lean to sales. With the shutdown of face to face business, Brad Jeavons is running a free half-hour webinar based on his book to help sales teams improve how they sell remotely (Phone, email, video conferencing etc.). If you or other team members within your organisation would gain value from this event, please join us. It is a cut-down half-hour version delivered in an Agile way to minimise the time impact in these trying times.

About the Author
Brad Jeavons is an Organization Improvement Leader whose purpose is helping people reach their potential. He is focussed on assisting organizations achieve excellence for their people, customers, society and the planet.

Over the past 20 years, Brad has accumulated extensive experience in leadership, sales, manufacturing, logistics, and consulting. He has worked with leading organizations across a broad range of industries such as retail, transport, technology, automotive, food & beverage, health, finance, and many more.

Senior Leaders and Continuous Improvement Professionals from various sectors of enterprises big or small.