CI Coaching for Leaders

CI Coaching for Leaders 20 21 June 18 Event

Learn how to create and sustain a coaching culture in this practical and interactive 2 day workshop.

Inquiry based Coaching has a pivotal role in the development of an organisations capacity for Continuous Improvement and is one of the key enablers to sustaining an improvement culture.

In this workshop you will:

  • understand what you need to do to create a coaching culture in your organisation
  • learn how to use the skills of inquiry based coaching and practise these in interactive sessions.

As a result of attending this workshop you will be able to:

  • build a culture of communication and collaboration
  • enable faster cultural changes
  • engage and inspire leaders in their role
  • improve results in terms of quality cost and service

What do leaders actually have to do to create a coaching culture?

  • Simply calling managers ‘coaches’ doesn’t change anything.
  • Having Human Resource people teach soft skills can be useful but unfocused.
  • Employing experienced outsiders to provide coaching seldom transfers capability.
  • Giving people the opportunity to ask for coaching is too occasional and incidental.
  • Leaders need to make a different type of dialogue central to everyday working.

Inquiry based coaching will accelerate the development of organisational performance and capability by teaching people to become self-managing learners. This only happens if leaders make inquiry a central feature of everyday discussions at work.

It is only through their own personal example in practice that leaders can bring others to recognise the pivotal role that inquiry plays in managing every operational state and every stage in the development of an organisation’s capacity for continuous improvement.

In this workshop we will teach you about the ‘Language of Leadership’, which will enable you to have the sorts of conversations that make successful coaching cultures.