icon 16 April 2021 @ 13:00 BST
icon Virtual Workshop
icon Free of Charge
icon 2 Hours

Financial Services – Cultural Hackathon – Virtual Workshop


Stolen with Pride from the tech industry a Hackathon is an intensive sprint-like event which focuses on tackling a recurring problem with creative problem solving and an intense focus.

Our Cultural Hackathon will involve teams of 4-5 people working together over 4 hours to deep dive into the challenge of cultural change.  In true hackathon spirit we will be encouraging inter-team competition with some great prizes!


Led by Keivan Zokaei and Ailsa Carson, the teams will use creative problem solving to consider issues such as:

  • What defines a great Culture
  • Ideal Behaviours & Behavrioural Charters
  • Leading Change
  • Barriers to Change .
  • Codifying and measuring change

The outputs of the hackathon will support your organisational excellence journey and by participating in company or mixed teams you will have the opportunity to bounce ideas around with peers and create inspired solutions.

The Hackathon will be delivered in Zoom.

It will help you:

  • Understand how to manage disruption and turn it into inspiration.
  • Understand the benefits to your organsiation of Agile and how this can be deployed to great effect. Engaging teams and increasing productivity.
  • Through the Case Studies you will gain inspiration by hearing how other companies and industry leaders have engaged their teams in continuous Improvement and change.
  • Understand how Shingo provides a more sustainable model than traditional Continuous Improvement programmes as it focuses on Behaviours

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