The Essence of Excellence workshop

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Over the last 5 years Peter Hines and Chris Butterworth have conducted research in over 100 companies worldwide. Of these, around 40 have shown themselves to have, in their different ways, the Essence of Excellence we were looking for. This has culminated in the book, The Essence of Excellence, which launched earlier this year.

In the book, Peter and Chris explored what separates the really great from the merely good? The answer lies not in what you see, or the tools people use, but in the feel, the pure essence of these organisations. It is the mind-set, the language, the confidence and the sheer passion for excellence. What these sites do have is a set of Principle-led Behaviours, effective Core Operating Systems and a very sustainable approach.

In this workshop we explore what they have learned, develop a framework for this thinking and illustrate it with examples, cases and anecdotes from those that have captured the Essence of Excellence.

This includes many award-winning sites and particular those that have been recognised by the Shingo Institute.

What is the Essence of Excellence Executive Course?

The Executive Course is a highly interactive three days course hosted at an exemplar company. It is delivered through a series of highly interactive on-site workshops, covering the following:

  • Find out what the Essence of Excellence is
  • Tour of the Facility to see Excellence in Action
  • Discover how to develop the Essence of Excellence
    • Creating a Principle-led Behavioural approach
    • Identifying and developing Core Operating Systems including:
      • Behavioural and Strategy Deployment
      • Continuous Improvement
      • Leader Standard Work
      • Learning & Development
  • Discover how to develop the Essence of Excellence
  • Test you understanding of Excellence in three Gemba Assessment visits
  • Develop your own Journey to Excellence

Glanbia Ingredients

Ballyragget, Ireland

Glanbia Ingerients are Ireland’s leading dairy company, annually processing over 2 billion litres of milk into a range of ingredients for export to more than 60 countries. Glanbia supply international food and nutrition companies – across a range of sectors from branded cheese and butter through to the infant, sports, clinical and affordable nutrition markets.  Processing up to 1 billion litres of milk, 900 million litres of whey and 180,000 tonnes of dairy ingredients annually, the Ballyragget facility is the largest multi-purpose integrated dairy plant in Europe.

This course is designed for:

Senior Managers at either a group, division or site role who wish to develop a truly effective Lean journey who want to go beyond tool-based approaches that do not always sustain well.

To find out more, please email Ailsa Carson.