Improvement Leader Lean Green Belt
icon 13 Oct - 8 Dec 2022
icon Online Training Course
icon • Training, coaching & accreditation - £2500 + VAT • Training only (no coaching and accreditation) - £1450 + VAT
icon 5 Days (10 x 4hrs sessions)
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Improvement Leader 1C Green Belt Oct-Dec

This course has been designed for participants who want to learn, be certified, and apply Lean Green Belt principles in their workplace. Lean Improvement Coach is a great way of learning how to improve product quality, customer service and costs. Participants could already be leadership position, (or looking for career progression) and are having to lead and manage improvement projects in their organisation. Participants will learn about choosing and leading Lean Improvement Coach projects. This training is accredited by the Lean Competency System.

After successful completion of training, you will be able to lead teams with confidence and apply Lean Improvement tools at work. With the ability to train and coach others on the basics of lean Improvement. Be able to select key projects that will make improvements and learn to lead Lean Improvement Coach improvement projects.

Course details

Certification: Lean Improvement Coach Green Belt

Accredited by: Lean Competency System

Entry requirements:  There are no entry requirements.

Exam: Theory exam and Practical assessment

Exam venue: Online portal and on-site activity

Study time: there are 10 modules of 4 hours (plus 30 mins initial intro) .

Key things will you learn during this qualification

  • Understand C.I. principles and behaviours.
  • Clear identification of wasteful activities within a business environment
  • Problem solving. 5 why, PDCA
  • Workplace organisation (5s) and leadership routines
  • The role and responsibilities of leadership to coach and inspire improvement teams.
  • Customer value mapping tools and techniques to identify flow (BPM/ Process mapping)
  • Application and understanding of facilitation and leadership behaviours
  • Introduction into tiered meetings

What is included in your course fee?

  • Lean Improvement Coach Green Belt course
  • Certification through LCS
  • 1 x 1 coaching
  • Learner support from a dedicated team

Who is this qualification for?

Team managers and leaders who want to deliver process level improvements. The course provides the essential process and people skills, so enabling sustainable process improvement.

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