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Intro to SHINGO Workshop Australia

People are the only organisational asset with and infinite ability to increase in value’ The Shingo Institute.

Join us for this virtual workshop to discover why so many of the world’s leading organisations are embracing Shingo and the Shingo Model for Enterprise Excellence.

The Shingo Model is a proven philosophy and framework to move organisations towards sustainable ideal results.

In this half workshop we will introduce the origin and core philosophy behind the Shingo Model. We will review the process of challenging for a Shingo Prize and review what Shingo examiners look for.

We will hear from companies who have been successful in achieving Shingo recognition, but more importantly have achieved significantly improved business performance and improved their sites standing with their corporate stakeholders.

The workshop will provide ample opportunities for Q&A and the sharing of experience.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand why successful companies are using Shingo.
  • What it can do for your organisation and how it can support growth.
  • Understanding of the Shingo Model and Behaviours.

Who is this for?

Senior Managers, Operational Directors

Why Attend?

It will help you:

  • Understand the benefits to your organsiation of Shingo, and how it can support and drive organisational transformation.
  • Understand how Shingo provides a more sustainable model than traditional TPS & WCM as it focuses on Behaviours

Download the SHINGO Model Handbook



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