Shingo Cultural Enablers

Hosted by Lionel Hitchen

This is an in-house 2 day Cultural Enablers workshop where we build on the knowledge gained in the foundation workshop Discover Excellence (which introduces the Shingo Model) and look deeper in to the Principles identified as cultural enablers,

  • Respect Every Individual
  • Lead with Humility

Cultural enablers make it possible for people within the organization to engage in the transformation journey, progress in their understanding and, ultimately, build a culture of enterprise excellence.

This program is a highly interactive experience designed to make your learning meaningful and immediately applicable.

Just as with the Discover Excellence workshop this workshop is hosted at an exemplar facility to enable you to participate in real-time discussions and on-site learning from the host organisation.


Lionel Hitchen
Gravel Lane, Barton Stacey
Winchester, Hampshire SO21 3RQ
United Kingdom

In 1965, Lionel Hitchen founded a business sourcing, creating, manufacturing and supplying the finest flavour ingredients. Today, over five decades later, Lionel Hitchen is still an independent family-owned company, driven by that same passion.

Our success has seen the business grow over the years, laying down robust roots with suppliers and working closely with customers. From our manufacturing base in the UK, we now supply an extensive range of flavour ingredients to the food and beverage industries around the globe.

Our business thrives on close and long established relationships with our global suppliers, our team of talented employees and strong customer relationships based on trust, ethics and innovation.

Throughout the years we have established a reputation for developing and supplying unique and natural products of the highest quality. We provide a world class service to our valued customers through the application of our technical expertise, flexibility and tailored and bespoke product development. Our aim is excellence in customer care.

We operate from two sites in Hampshire in the UK. Our manufacturing site is in Barton Stacey and is home to all our production facilities and support services. Our Virginia Works site in Andover houses our Innovation Centre as well as Customer Services, Sales, Logistics and Warehousing.

Our World Class Manufacturing (WCM) Continuous Improvement programme is the basis for how we work in every aspect across our whole business. We are proud that as a company, we are united in the goals we work towards, with WCM driving improvement and best practice at every step.

The WCM programme enables active involvement from every Lionel Hitchen employee, across all departments. Each and every effort is valued, so that individuals can proudly contribute to the growth and success of our company. These innovative techniques create a culture of participation and engagement, which makes Lionel Hitchen an enjoyable place to work for everyone.

As a CULTURAL ENABLER participant, you will achieve the following objectives:

  • Understand the benefits of focusing on the Shingo principles and recognise where you could make improvements in your own organisation to improve systems and drive ideal behaviours.
  • Learn how to benchmark your performance against the best in the world by carrying out your own self-assessment based on the Shingo Model™ .
  • Learn from other organisations experiences as you take part in a range of hands on activities and group discussions.

The Shingo Model

You can find out more about the Shingo Model and download a copy of the Guide to the Shingo Model from our Shingo page.

shingo model

Senior leaders and Continuous Improvement professionals from enterprises, big or small, from any sector, wanting to understand the essential ingredients needed to create a sustainable business Improvement culture.