icon August 2 -5 - 8am-4pm EST
icon Ann Arbor, Michigan MI 48108
icon $2,390
icon 4 Days
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Shingo Week @ Zingermans Mail Order

Join S A Partners and Zingerman’s for these two World recognized SHINGO Workshops

We are offering you the opportunity to attend Discover Excellence followed by Systems Design over four days facilitated by our Shingo expert Colin Scott, hosted onsite by Zingermans Mail Order, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

About this Event

Delivered over four days at Zingermans Mail Order, Ann Arbor, Michigan
   As a participant you will:
  • LEARN and understand the SHINGO Model
  • DISCOVER the Three Insights of Organisational Excellence
  • EXPLORE how the SHINGO Guiding Principles inform ideal behaviours that ultimately lead to sustainable results. 
  • UNDERSTAND the behavioural assessment process through an interactive case study and gemba.
 As a participant you will:
  • DISCOVER three types of essential systems.
  • EXPLORE five required tools for each system.
  • LEARN how to create and use system maps.
  • UNDERSTAND system standard work and how it drives improvement.

The Zingerman’s Community of Businesses (ZCoB) is a family of ten businesses all located in the Ann Arbor area and reflects the novel strategy for business growth created by Zingerman’s Deli founders Paul Saginaw and Ari Weinzweig. Rather than replicating their deli through the franchise model, Paul and Ari instead chose to develop new, independent businesses, all rooted in our local community that work together as one organization.

Each business is operated by one or more managing partners who share ownership and put their particular expertise to work in the day to day running of their business. The idea for the ZCoB was laid out in Zingerman’s 2009 vision, written by Ari and Paul in 1994 and highlighted in Bo Burlingham’s 2003 article for Inc. Magazine, “The Coolest Small Company in America.”

In 2006, the ZCoB managing partners began work on Zingerman’s 2020 vision. It was completed a year later and paints a picture of the ZCoB at the end of the next decade. Zingerman’s 2020 vision was featured in a New York Times article from June 2007, “The Corner Deli that Dared to Break Out of the Neighborhood.”

Senior leaders and Continuous Improvement professionals from enterprises, big or small, from any sector, wanting to understand the essential ingredients needed to create a sustainable business Improvement culture.

Attendees of the Shingo Discover Excellence Workshop give their thoughts on the learning outcomes.

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