Total Productive Maintenance Practitioner’s Workshop

Total Productive Maintenance event

Total Productive Maintenance 1 Day ‘hands-on’  Workshops

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Our Total Productive Maintenance Workshops are hosted leading organisations in Europe, and will include a ‘hands-on’ visit to the manufacturing facility to carry out practical exercises in order to under-pin the key TPM learning points. A range of TPM case studies will be presented, including one from Neil Enright of Molex Ireland – an exemplar TPM Practitioner company based in Shannon.

This 1 Day Practical Total Productive Maintenance awareness seminar will set out to answer the following 6 questions:

  • What do we mean by Operational Excellence and Total Productive Maintenance Best Practice?
  • How should Total Productive Maintenance align with our Operations Philosophy?
  • How do we go about selecting the right Tools and Techniques?
  • How should we present the Concepts and Realities of OEE and Autonomous Maintenance to our workforce in order to dispel some of the common Myths ?
  • How do we create the right Environment and Governance processes to generate the right behaviours in order to Sustain the Gains?
  • What are the common Pitfalls to Avoid?

Total Productive Maintenance Workshop, Key Outputs.

One of the key outputs of this 1 day practical workshop will be to equip you to be able to assimilate the likely resource commitments of running your own in-house TPM Programme & how to prepare a compelling Cost /Benefit Business case.

TPM Workshop Case Study

Our TPM case study uses Molex Ireland, who are based in Shannon and are a specialist electrical and electronic connector manufacturer. Molex have been a dedicated pursuer of World Class Manufacturing status for the last several years and have used Lean 6 Sigma techniques to significant effect.

Over the last four years as part of their Continuous Improvement mind-set and the need for further year on year productivity improvements, they have successfully embarked on their TPM journey. Molex has a long standing relationship with Peter Willmott our joint Workshop Leader. Neil will share their TPM experiences & successes in terms of significant business performance improvement and cultural engagement. He will also highlight some of the pitfalls encountered – plus their future plans to ensure further sustainable benefits and of their TPM endeavours.

“To date, Molex has progressively launched multiple TPM projects on critical ‘pinch point’ value stream assets and with Peter’s support throughout the improvement process, our dedicated project Teams have made significant improvements in the performance and reliability of the assets in question.”

Paul Delahunt, Manufacturing Engineering & Facilities Manager

You can visit our TPM section where we have links to our white paper series on Total Productive Maintenance, latest news and videos.