Webinar Series: Critical Business Continuity Planning UK, US

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Business continuity planning has become critical given the current environment, and to help organisations adapt and hopefully thrive during the weeks ahead, we will be delivering a series of free webinars wherewe will be talking you through some of the critical issues, but will also be avaiable for questions through a Q&A session.

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Leader Standard Work and Gemba Walks

14 July 2020 @ 2PM BST

Effective Gemba Walks as part of your Leader Standard Work (LSW) System are essential for developing a culture of Enterprise Excellence.  Developing and deploying the LSW system within your organisation will ensure you build and sustain the right behaviours.  Join Robin Jaques where he will share some of the key principles of LSW and Gemba Walks.  Robin will also share insights on how excellent dialogue skills (speaking & listening) can improve the success of your time at the gemba.

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Reducing Stress & Building Resilience with Adele Stickland

22 July 2020 @ 12PM BST

Join us for our interview with Adele Stickland, Author & Wellbeing Expert where we will explore how organisations can support their employees reduce stress and build resilience. Investing in health, wellbeing and resilience are critical business strategies that promotes an environment that develops stronger engagement so that disputes get resolved quicker and builds resilience so that employees can bounce back after busy, demanding work periods. The risk for businesses in terms of loss of talent, knowledge and experience is real with a sixth of workers experiencing a mental health problem at any one time and stress, anxiety and depression.

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Creating a Roadmap with Virtual Teams

28 July 2020 @ 12PM BST

Creating an assessment that can be rolled out and managed virtually will support your organisation to measure and drive improvement and change. Join Gary Griffiths to hear how we can now leverage technology to improve how and when we undertake benchmarks and assessments and how we can deploy the roadmap successfully in a virtual world

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The Future of Lean & CI in a Changing World – Panel Discussion with Dr Keivan Zokaei

6 August 2020 @ 14PM BST

Join Keivan Zokaei and his guests from the world of Lean & CI for a panel discussion on the future of Continuous Improvement. We have seen remarkable changes happen within the last few months, with companies drastically changing how they operate. Our panel will consider what this means for Continuous Improvement & Lean deployment both now and in the future.

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