We Exceed Our Clients Expectations by 73%
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We Exceed Our Clients Expectations by 73%

During 2013, S A Partners undertook an extensive customer value survey of its client base with the aim to understand how to provide an even better offering to our clients in the future, and to allow us to make decisions for the approach / offerings based on the direct feedback from existing and past clients. We would like to thank all our clients for thier time and effort for taking part in the survey, and helping us in our effort to develop our business.

We asked the survey group, “what are the 5 things you value about consulting support for an improvement programme”. We gave the scoring the following criteria: better = 2, same = 1, worse = 0.

Out of the survey, the following came though as the top rated answers:

  1. Great local engagement
  2. Demonstrated tangible benefits
  3. Clear vision of where we are going
  4. Programme customisation
  5. Consultants becoming part of the team, but challenging
  6. Knowledge transfer in order to carry on the process
  7. Training in the tools and techniques was exceptional
  8. Learning by doing gave the teams the ability to do it for themselves
  9. Support outside of being on site
  10. Knowledgeable consultants

We will develop our offering further to enable us to deliver sustainable improvement to our clients. We have already implemented some of the findings of the survey, one of which was to develop our Shingo training and consulting skills. At the end of last year, S A Partners became an affiliate of the Shingo program, one of only two in Europe, and have now set dates throughout 2014 for Shingo Discover Excellence Workshops which will be held at award winning host facilities. The first workshop will be held at Vale, who themselves have recently won the Shingo Silver Medallion Award, the first for 25 years to do so in the UK.

We will formally accredit our training and assessment offerings enabling our customers to maximise their Learning and development time with us. S A Partners are also looking to create a dedicated online network environment for clients so they can learn and share knowledge with each other, and via our resource database.

Here are some of the testimonials S A Partners received during the client survey:

“The training and up skilling the team have had, have given me confidence in their abilities to deliver the improvement programme.”

Tricia Williams

Manchester Airport

“This programme was a real success, S A Parners didn’t side track us into using just tools. It was about the whole process. They helped us get where we are today.

Fiona Buttery

Vale, Clydach Swansea

“I’ve enjoyed working with S A Partners. I’ve been impressed by the professionalism, knowledge and the ability to make change happen in-house

Simon Boverhoff

John Lewis

“I would have no hesitation in showing other companies around Dawn Farm Foods to show the results that have been achieved”

Garry Corbett

Dawn Farm Foods

“Our S A Partners consultant became knitted into the framework at Energist. Responsiveness was really important to us and Steve was there when we needed him”

Sarah Fenwick


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