Focus on Food & Drink Sector

focus on food and drink march

The Food & Drink Sector in the UK is the single, largest manufacturing sector with a turnover of around £95Bn per annum, accounting for 18% of the total manufacturing activity within the UK.  It employs over 400,000 workers – almost 17% of the total manufacturing workforce within the UK and it is these people who have increased productivity within the sector by over 12% during the past 10 years or so.

For more than 20 years, S A Partners have been working in this important sector, with UK and multi-national companies.  We are currently working on 45 strategic, tactical and continuous improvement programmes with companies whose products grace the shelves of luxury and best value retailers, and the store cupboards of consumers across the globe.

For the companies to remain competitive in global markets, they must be resource efficient, innovative and resilient whilst maintaining a safe and secure food manufacturing supply chain.

Jeff Williams, Partner and Head of the Food and Drink Sector at S A Partners, has been interviewed by Rod Addy from the Food Manufacturer.

In the interview Jeff explains the importance of having an ‘end to end’ system in place in order to sustain business excellence in an organisation. When organisations are asked the question:  ‘show me the end to end system, that is driven by targets, visual management, boards etc’ that end to end system is usually missing.

Jeff goes on to explain that engaging the shop floor in the continuous improvement process is critical to its long term success and sustainability.

If you require more information about our services to the Food and Drink sector, please contact Jeff Williams by e-mail.