Focus on the Aerospace & Defence Sector

Focus on the Aerospace & Defence Sector

S A Partners are engaged in a number of strategic and exciting enterprise excellence and capability development programmes within the Aerospace and Defence sector. The sector is led by Robin Jaques , Partner at S A Partners.

Members of the team who deliver in the aerospace & defence sector, have recently been accredited to train individuals and organisations to a globally renowned Leadership Development standard that has provenance lasting over 30 years.

Because of its ability to help people excel as self-leaders and as leaders of others, the model is embraced by many of the world’s most successful organisations.

We are also proud of our links with charities related to the defence sector, and recently helped Homes for Heroes by giving them free strategic guidance on the next stage of their business growth.

If you would like to know how S A Partners can help your Aerospace and Defence related business, please contact Robin Jaques direct, by e-mail.