The foodmanufacture publishes a podcast by Jeff Williams

The publishes a podcast by Jeff Williams

During one of S A Partners Learn Share Grow workshops at Aimia foods, Jeff Williams, partner and head of the food and drink sector, was interviewed by Rod Addy of the Food Manufacture website. This interview was recorded and is now available as a podcast on their website.

Jeff Williams podcast:


In the interview Jeff explains the importance of having an ‘end to end’ system in place in order to sustain business excellence in an organisation. In Jeff’s many years of experience, visiting many organisations, the usual approach he’s found is that they only implement snippets of improvement, such as tools and techniques, visual boards and problem solving  etc.

But when he asks the question, ‘show me the end to end system, thats driven by targets, visual management,  boards etc’ that end to end system is usually missing.

Jeff goes on to explain that engaging the shop floor in the continuous improvement process is critical to its long term success.

You can hear the full podcast on the website by following the link below.