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Funding for Lean Projects in Ireland

SA Partners work closely with Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland client companies introducing lean principles, partnering & driving business improvement projects and company wide transformation projects, you can visit our Ireland regional page to find out more.

Both Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland support their clients Lean business activities by offering a suite of supports:

LeanStart – provides an introduction to Lean concepts and allows organizations to gain an understanding of what lean tools and techniques can do for your company in a short, focused engagement.

  • Companies can apply for grant support towards the cost of hiring a Lean consultant.
  • Assignments will typically be carried out over 8-10 weeks.
  • Companies will be eligible to receive support for a maximum of 7 consultancy days.
  • Maximum funding is €3,150

For more detailed information or to apply, go to LeanStart.

LeanPlus – is a medium-term business process improvement project, which results in sustained use of Lean techniques and related methodologies by the company, and will achieve significant measurable gains in capabilities and competitiveness. The LeanPlus assignment should:

  • Deliver significant productivity improvement and cost reductions
  • Embed a culture of business improvement and lean techniques to a cohort of trained staff
  • Introduce a programme to pursue company-wide improvement
  • Assignments may vary in size and scope but will typically be completed within 6 months and will not exceed a total project cost of €70,000

For more detailed information or to apply, go to Business Process Improvement Grant  .

LeanTransform – is a large scale, extensive and holistic company transformation programme delivered by an external training team of international reputation. The main support mechanism is by training grant; support is available for consultancy costs for SMEs, but not large companies. Lean Transform projects should:

  • Deliver company-wide transformation in culture & productivity performance
  • Embed the competencies necessary for on-going competitiveness gains in the company
  • Result in sustainable improvement in the business and across its supply chain
  • The LeanTransform initiative is primarily designed for larger companies with significant operations who can demonstrate to Enterprise Ireland that they have existing capability and resources to implement a programme of this scale. Assignments will typically run for at least 1 year.

For more detailed information or to apply, go to LeanTransform.

For further information on all of the Lean supports listed above please visit the Lean Business Ireland site.

Please contact your Enterprise Ireland Development Adviser or IDA Project Executive to check your companies eligibility for the above supports.

Funding support for a Lean Start, Lean Plus and Lean Transform is based on application to Enterprise Ireland/IDA and cannot be guaranteed by SA Partners.


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