Going back to school

James talking in front of white board

We are extremely pleased to see that links between schools and the commercial world are being kept alive by one of our employees, James Ash. James is currently a systems & business analyst with S A Partners, and is currently working on improving the data reporting presentation and efficiency. Also experimenting with new software packages to further enhance business reporting.

James former school, Lewis School Pengam based in Pengam, Caerphilly, maintains links with previous students by inviting past students back throughout the entire school year, where they will give a presentation on a wide range of various subjects/career paths.

The most recent presentation James did, was two sessions to the media students on ‘the benefits of media’ and doing YouTube in their spare time, followed by a safety online discussion. Miss Treweek, Head of Media Studies at the school, says they use this as an inspiration session to try and advertise the topic and therefore make people take media studies for their higher education whether it be at University or for their A Levels.

James also benefits from attending these sessions by using it as an upskilling experience of preparing and presenting in front of a large group. ‘This will help me in the future when it comes to my business reporting, and presentation preperation and delivery to large groups, as well as taking question and answer sessions’ says James.

James is also an avid YouTuber and currently has 1,357 subscribers to his channel.