GWAAC’s Big Give Christmas Challenge

GWAAC are only called to the most serious medical emergencies, and bring with them skills and equipment normally only found in a hospital operating theatre. All of the funds raised from GWAAC’s Big Give Christmas Challenge will go towards essential training for our Critical Care Team. One of the courses to be funded is a surgical skills course, a bespoke course that gives GWAAC paramedics and doctors the opportunity to practice complex procedures that are rarely used in the field, but when they are, are critical to saving a life. GWAAC Critical Care Doctor Tim Godfrey knows better than most what difference this training can make.

air ambulance helicopter“To be able to be there at the point somebody is injured, doing everything you are able to do in hospital but doing it at the roadside, or in someone’s house, or place of work is incredibly rewarding. But I can only do it because of the bespoke training courses available to me. The invaluable experience of being able to practice these complex surgical procedures in the most authentic way possible, alongside my colleagues, means we can be prepared for any situation we face as a team. It enables us to continue to bring that high quality of care that we deliver in hospital all the time, forward, to where it can make the most difference.”

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