How do you measure success in TPM?

How do you measure TPM

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This is the 6th Issue of our TPM series, and over the years I’ve often been asked the salutary question… ‘How many successful applications of TPM have you been involved in?’

Before I answer the question I seek clarification by suggesting….

By success, do you mean –having helped say 100 companies over the years to get their TPM Program up and running and you then go back after 5 years and see if they are still doing TPM as part of the way we do things around here?

Then the answer is probably around one in five.

So why is this the case?

This 6th edition of our white paper series covers the following:

  1. How do you measure success
  2. Ensuring TPM Stability
    1. Site leadership Team Buy in
    2. Operational Excellence & leadership behaviours
    3. TPM Program Governance
  3. Conclusions

Visit our TPM section for more information on what TPM is, and how we implement it, along with our Total Productive Maintenance workshop page.