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S A Partners is committed to continually developing our thinking and that of our clients. To deliver this goal we have set up a Thought Leadership Team headed up by John Quirke. John and his team will develop our approaches to enable our consultants, coaches and trainers to deliver the latest thinking, so enabling our clients  to achieve their goals. We have formed Strategic Partnerships with academic bodies, like minded businesses and external accreditation bodies to continually refine what we do and how we do it. The prize winning books below are some of the examples of how this thinking has been recognised. Full details of our offers and approaches are included on what we do.

John Quirke
image of John Quirke, Andy Brunskill and Peter Willmottt
TPM Book cover

TPM: A foundation of operational excellence

Written by John Quirke, Peter Willmott and Andy Brunskill, this is the must have reference guide to how TPM can be a key driving force towards developing a culture based on the Shingo Model of organisational work behaviour. The output of many years of research and application the book sets out a model for sustainable transformation, looking at highly efficient processes enabled by highly engaged people, its sets out methodologies and backs up its thinking with real life case studies.

image of chris butterworth and peter hines
essence of excellence book cover

The Essence of Excellence: Creating a culture of continuous improvement

Authored by Peter Hines and Chris Butterworth, the Essence Of Excellence is the output of research of 100 worldwide leading companies. 40 of which who have shown themselves to have, in their different ways, the Essence of Excellence. Peter and Chris have taken this thinking and combining this with the vast experience of the S A Partners team, identified the essential elements required for continued organisational success. The book within 2 months of being published won the coveted Shingo Research Prize.

Chris Butterworth

4 + 1: Embedding a Culture of Continuous Improvement in Financial Services

Chris Butterworth, founder of S A Partners Australia, and his fellow authors combine their seventy years of collective experience in Lean and business improvement to present the 5 basic habits to achieve a Culture of Continuous Improvement. Case studies from two of the world’s leading banking organisations demonstrate how the Culture of Continuous Improvement has been applied in real-world situations. The authors also discuss the underlying neuroscience to explain why these habits actually work. This book is essential reading for leaders and business improvement professionals alike.

Keivan Zokaei Region
Lean Business System book cover

Creating a Lean and Green Business System

Keivan Zokaei and his fellow authors supply a new way of thinking that will allow you to boost improvement efforts and create a positively charged work environment. They outline a systematic way to eliminate harmful waste while generating green value, the book explains how to, become economically successful and environmentally sustainable by adopting the lean and green business system approach. The book demonstrates the use of tools, techniques and methodologies developed by the authors together with real life case studies of their application.

image of Gary and Peter
Staying Lean book cover

Staying Lean: Thriving, not just surviving

Written by Peter Hines and Gary Griffiths, this highly acclaimed publication received a Shingo Research and Professional Publication Prize. The book explains how to create and sustain a Lean business, the basis of its research was to follow a key S A Partners client and highlight how through the application of the lean principles sustainable improvement can be achieved .

image of Peter Willmott
Total Productive Maintenance book cover

TPM – A Route to World Class Performance

After over 30 years delivering TPM across leading worldwide organisations Peter Willmott has captured his latest thinking. Driven by the proven principles of TPM, the book emphasises the need to build on existing good practices and to win commitment by delivering results. The book provides a practical guide to delivering TPM benefits and is based on the authors’ first-hand experience of seeing TPM in Japan. It adapts these benefits to suit the strategic needs of companies across four continents.

Apart from award winners and publishers, the S A Partners consulting team contain years of expertise, experience and qualifications that enable us to deliver over 50,000 hours of consulting to over 1500 clients around the world. This provides a huge resource of experience and resources which helps develop research and innovation within our organisation.

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