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essence of excellence book cover

Peter Hines and Chris Butterworth conducted research in over 100 companies worldwide. 40 have shown themselves to have, in their different ways, the Essence of Excellence they were looking for. This has culminated in the book, The Essence of Excellence.

image of John Quirke, Andy Brunskill and Peter Willmottt
TPM Book cover

Written by John Quirke, Peter Willmott and Andy Brunskill, this is the must have reference guide to how TPM can be a key driving force towards developing a culture based on the Shingo Model of organisational work behaviour.

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Staying Lean book cover

Prof. Peter Hines founded S A Partners in 1994 as a spin-out from his activities in running the Lean Enterprise Research Centre at Cardiff University. He is a double Shingo prize winner

Keivan Zokaei Region
Lean Business System book cover

Keivan Zokaei is a Shingo award winner and a leader in both lean and green thinking with extensive research, lecturing, writing, and consulting experience around the globe.

Chris Butterworth

Having currently co-wrote the excellent 4+1 CI book aimed at financial services, Chris Butterworth speaks at many International Conferences and facilitates Lean Thinking workshops for executive management at a wide range of international business schools.

image of Peter Willmott
Total Productive Maintenance book cover

Peter Willmott is a Chartered Engineer and has presented papers on the subject of TPM and Maintenance Best Practice at Conferences and Seminars in over 20 Countries around the world.

Apart from award winners and publishers, the S A Partners consulting team contain years of expertise, experience and qualifications that enable us to deliver over 50,000 hours of consulting to over 1500 clients around the world. This provides a huge resource of experience and resources which helps develop research and innovation within our organisation.

Strategic partnerships

S A Partners has developed a number of strategic partnerships and affiliations with organisations that enable us to significantly add value for our customers.

Licensed Shingo Institute Affiliate

S A Partners are an affiliate of the Shingo Institute, who are home of the Shingo prize. The Shingo Prize was created twenty-five years ago, at the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business of Utah State University as a way to recognise great organisations and to set a standard toward which the world may aspire. It is now globally recognised as the benchmark for Enterprise Excellence. During this journey, the Shingo Institute has experienced and learned many valuable and powerful things.

Cardiff University and the Lean Competency System

S A Partners was established in 1993 by Prof. Peter Hines whilst he was still active in the Lean Enterprise Research Centre (LERC) at Cardiff University. The Lean Competency System is an internationally recognised lean qualifications framework for practitioners which is accredited through Cardiff University. Our training courses and consultants are accredited to deliver training from LCS Levels 1a to 2b and formally assess, certify and support candidates across all levels : 1a through to Level 3 – strategic, owing to the formal qualifications and capabilities of our team.

The CPD Certification Service

S A Partners have teamed up with the Continued Professional Development (CPD) certification service to offer CPD accreditation to sit alongside our existing Lean Competency System (LCS) and Shingo Institute accreditations. CPD accreditation is becoming an increasingly important component for many of our training delegates, especially as lean spreads into non-traditional areas such as HR and Professional Services.

Onsite Insights Global

Onsite Insights is a programme of best practice visits to award winning companies. It is designed to provide delegates with direct contact to people and teams that have created and sustained improvement. It gives delegates invaluable insights into how success happens and m ore importantly how to make it stick. Over 10,000 people have attended these visits with 96% stating they identified ideas that would benefit their business. We have chosen to partner with Onsite as we believe people respond to people and seeing what good can look like is an essential element in securing collaboration when running a change programme. Please use the link below to visit the site and book yourself onto a visit.

LMR Global

LMR Global is an expert provider of certified training and business support for standards and compliance across a diverse range of sectors including Aerospace and Defence, Automotive and other specialist industries. Their people understand the typical challenges that your business may be facing and we can work with you to realise your key objectives whatever they may be – achieve compliance, improve efficiency, educate employees or other specific needs. We have chosen to partner with LMR Global as we it provides us with the technical expertise we require to service the specific training and consulting needs our clients require. Please use the link below to find out more on how LMR Global can support your improvement.

Approved Blanchard Channel Partner

The Ken Blanchard Companies® are a world renowned management training organisation, and S A Partners are now pleased to announce that we have become an ‘Approved Blanchard Channel Partner’ and are proud to offer the much coveted Situational Leadership® II and First-time Manager training for the UK, Ireland and US regions only.


SoundWave generates learnable insights into the relationship between how we talk and how we think and feel – our respective ‘states’; and in turn, the effect that this has on our actions and performance.

Waterford Institute of Technology

Prof Peter Hines is a visiting Professor at Waterford Institute of Technology in Ireland where they have a thriving research and postgraduate community. Over the last 10 years Waterford Institute of Technology has successfully attracted over €70 million in research funding.

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