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Feeling Proud – S A Partners achieves Investors In People Gold Standard

We are delighted to announce that S A Partners has been awarded the Investors in People Gold standard.

This prestigious award has been bestowed to recognize that S A Partners has achieved exceptional standards in leading, inspiring and empowering it’s team.

We often use the term ‘Cobblers Children’ to remind ourselves we are a leading training and consultancy company that supports organisations globally to improve employee engagement and culture change.

Ensuring we live and breathe the levels of excellence we push our clients to attain has been a particular passion for our Managing Director – Simon Grogan:

“Over the last two years we have deployed a competency based learning and development programme; introduced coaching to improve our people develop; refreshed our reward and recognition process; upped the frequency of team interactions and increased the focus on leading metrics.  These along with other initiatives introduced by our team have brought us together and created a really exciting place to work.”

On a strategic level focusing on team-based projects and targets has alleviated internal competitiveness and a focus on lagging metrics, allowing the company to focus on what matters – future growth, engagement and empowerment.  S A Partners encourages all employees to own their own learning and development, and provides every team member time each month for self-directed personal development.

S A Partners is an approved partner of the Cardiff University Lean Competency System (LCS©), the SHINGO Institute© and Blanchard Corporation©. We support organisations create exceptional leaders and drive culture change by embracing ideal behaviours such as ‘Lead with Humility’ and ‘Respect for Others’. By applying these principles to our own organization we have been able to make significant improvements to engagement and empowerment.

Thank you to Ken Snyder, Executive Director, Shingo Institute for acknowledging our success:

“Congratulations to SA Partners on being awarded the Investors in People Gold award. At the Shingo Institute, we applaud the investment in the development of people in all organizations. Specifically we appreciate the investments made by SA Partners in their outstanding team members. This demonstrates that not only does SA Partners teach the Shingo Model, but also practice what they teach. The Shingo Institute is very proud to have SA Partners as an affiliate partner.”

Simon Elias the Director of the Lean Competency System also commented:

“Congratulations to SA Partners on this excellent achievement. It is fitting that an organisation whose lean business model has a strong focus on the need for an empowered and engaged workforce for sustainable culture change should also demonstrate its own commitment to teamwork and people development”.

As one of the newest Partners to join the company, Garry Corbet (Head of Ireland Consulting) commented:

“This is an incredible place to work, we get the opportunity to make a real impact on our clients. Our team is constantly looking to learn, develop and share their knowledge and we are not afraid to hold each other to account.  There is respect, strong leadership and most importantly trust.”

The IIP Framework assesses companies in three key areas and against 9 principles (see Diagram). Companies are assessed through a rigorous combination of surveys and interviews.  Organisations that meet the world recognized standard, are believed to reflect the very best in people management.


We are delighted that we have been able to achieve this new standard which reflects the work of everyone in the organization to create a positive, empowering and exciting place to work.  This has been a challenging year for both us and our clients, but it has allowed us to reflect on our purpose which is to create a sustainable thought leading continuous improvement consultancy that has a positive impact on both our customers and our team.


For further information contact:

Ailsa Carson
Partner; Group Marketing Manager
S A Partners LLP
M: +44 (0) 783 222 3453

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