WhitePaper_issue1 Is the Effectiveness of your Equipment Assets your Weakest Link
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Is the Effectiveness of your Equipment Assets your Weakest Link?

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Over the coming weeks we would like to share with you how Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) is a key enabling tool to unlock the installed productive capacity of your physical assets by unlocking the potential of your people. We plan to do this through a series of 8 monthly blogs which will include practical interactive exercises and videos.

Two of the key outputs of this intention will be to equip you:

  • To gain a better appreciation that TPM is often a fundamental foundation of Operational Excellence and as such, is a key enabler to deliver the principles underpinning your own Company’s vision and aspirations, or for example- helping to deliver the principles embedded in the Shingo model.
  • To be better able to assimilate the likely resource commitments of People, Money and Time of running your own in- house TPM Program & how to prepare a compelling Cost / Benefit business case.

Where does your company fit in with the league table of TPM Maintenance?

Read the white paper and fill out the assessment form to find out where your company is in relation to the league table of  implementation.

Visit our TPM section for more information on what TPM is, and how we implement it, along with our Total Productive Maintenance workshop page.