Jeff Williams

Partner, Business Development Director and UK Regional Enquires Contact

I have been with S A Partners since 1999 when I was number 4 to join!. Prior to this I had a successful career in the Electronics and White Goods sectors driving major Improvement initiatives. I also spent 3 years at the Welsh Development Agency , designing and implementing best practice programmes for them. It was during this time that I studied for and achieved an MBA in Lean Thinking from Cardiff Business School.

I enjoy working with a wide variety of people and making a difference to the clients I support. I am very much a person that develops great relationships with the people that I meet, although I have also developed a solid reputation for saying the “unsaids” and not being afraid to challenge anyone and anything, at any level within clients!  I get invited to speak at various conferences within the UK and globally and the pragmatic, joined up, and enduring examples of Lean Thinking Improvement journey’s that I talk about tend to be well received.

Throughout my time with S A Partners, my role as evolved as I as our business has grown. I was extremely privileged to become a Partner in 2006 and since 2010 I have led the growth of our Food & Drink Sector – we now have approx. 55 live clients in this sector. The journey from Consultant to my current position has driven me to continually learn, challenge myself, continually reflect on my performance within clients, all of which has enabled me to substantially develop as a person and as a consultant. I can honestly say that every working day I learn something new!

Since joining S A Partners, I have worked around the world in many different types of organisations- Food & Drink predominantly for the past 7 years, however I also have had a lot of exposure to Automotive, Electronics, Housing Associations, Banks, Printing, Transport, Retail and Chemicals. There are plenty of testimonial quotes within this website which say some pretty good things about me

I tend to be able to get people to see the bigger picture, understand what Lean Thinking is “really” all about, how it applies to them, and to then define a Lean Vision and Roadmap for them to follow. I am able to develop very effective relationships, whilst being able to effectively challenge at the same time.

Today I am a Partner. I am the Head of our Food & Drink sector and oversee the Business Development of our other key Sectors with my Sector Head team.

I am lucky enough to have a holiday home in Pembrokeshire and spend a lot of w/e’s there with my family and friends. I also enjoy walking, reading and Football. I have recently started running and will probably do a 5k run once or twice every  week.

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