Jon Alder, Shingo Prize Winner Joins S A Partners

image of Jon Alder holding the Shingo prize

We are immensely pleased to announce that Jon Alder has joined S A Partners and will be joining our Shingo team. Jon will be a great asset to our Shingo offering as he has masterminded the achievement of Shingo award winning recognition at 12 global sites.  His insight will be invaluable to any organisation planning on undertaking this journey. Jon recently broadcast a webinar with our own Shingo winning author, Peter Hines, on ‘How to win a Shingo Prize’ which was well attended by an audience from Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific.

If you’d like to view this Shingo webinar, it is now freely available to view in our resources section.

Jon has spent 32 years in operations and for the last 15 years was the Group Lean Enterprise Director at Rexam, designing and operationalising continuous improvement strategies across global organisations. Rexam, which was recently taken over by the Ball Corporation, employs 8,000 people, with a sales revenue of £3.9 billion a year and produces a staggering 62 billion cans a year.

He is a Master Black Belt and Design for Six Sigma BB, and has experience in driving cultural change within multiple organisations around the Shingo approach.

Jon’s Shingo experience includes winning the Shingo prize, and he has always been a keen advocate on Leadership Principles, making the systems and tools work in a sustainable way, not the other way around. He believes the behaviour of leaders is the key ingredient that makes people understand that the principles are in the heart of the leaders.

In order to make the continuous improvement programme work, he found that one of the key ingredients is that leaders had to behave in a certain way, making people aware that they had the right attitude, and that they had the right constancy of purpose. The journey to winning the Shingo prize also involved resolving the following three points:

  1. Strategic connection sense of purpose
  2. Sustainable system design – fit for purpose
  3. Connection with results constancy of purpose

In this first video you can hear Jon give some feedback on winning the Shingo prize from a video produced back near the start of their Shingo journey, and then receiving one of the awards from the Shingo Institute.